What is SPanel? How will it save you from cPanel Price Hike?

What is SPanel How will it save you from cPanel Price Hike

What is SPanel? How will it save you from cPanel Price Hike?

For 20+ years, cPanel has managed to take the lead as the hosting automation platform that is preferred by most companies across the globe. This well known platform simplifies hosting as well as server management.

We know that control panels allow you to manage a diverse range of complexities faced during launching and running online resources on the shared platforms as it is a web-based control panel managing Windows or Linux-based shared servers.

cPanel Price Hike

On October 1st (a year after the last price hike),cPanel is again going to increase its prices and this will apply from January1, 2021 onwards. This is something that has caused a wave of discussion and outrage in the complete hosting industry.

Reason for cPanel price hike?

cPanel claims that they focus on improving the product performance and introduce new features thereby generating more value to the customers. But many marketers feel that cPanel is taking advantage of its monopoly as it has a huge part of the market share.

Is the cPanel price hike worth considering?

With cPanel increasing their prices again, most hosting service companies will have no choice but to adjust their server pricing accordingly, making the cheaper ones not so cheap anymore, or switch to DirectAdmin, or other web panels – regardless of whether they, or their customers, like that

There have been speculations that cPanel has made fake promises to its customers last time as well but there were no major developments. Knowing the fact that cPanel doesn’t lose many customers, it is not becoming unbearable for some marketers to pay for the prices it will now be offering.

This is the reason companies have started getting inclined towards other competitors of cPanel. But the one that tops the list is sPanel from Scala Hosting.

Before moving any further, let’s understand what is sPanel.

What is sPanel?

sPanel is the next-gen control panel that helps in managing servers. The comprehensive hosting platform has everything that a website owner requires in order to grow your business in the secure environment. sPanel makes shared web hosting and VPS as you can have completely managed sPanel cloud while removing the software limitations and having the features that even shared hosting cannot provide.

From domain names and databases, to PHP versions, email addresses, and almost every other aspect of a web server, sPanel offers everything. This means that you can access everything you need to simplify your shared hosting environment in a single place.

Why was SPanel developed?

Scala Hosting took sufficient time to understand the pain points of the companies regarding what website owners need and what will help them grow their online business quickly.

After three years of development, Scala Hosting introduced SPanel to the public in May 2018. SPanel integrated with the Nginx web server that runs as an APache proxy and speeds up the websites. The benchmark scores on SCala machines reveal a minimized time to first byte as this is an important feature that helps in the ranking on the most popular search engine: Google.

Why consider sPanel over cPanel?

sPanel is the best replacement of cPanel as it saves the cPanel license fee while catering different solutions.

Scala Hosting has strived hard spending years to develop SPanel as an exceptional control panel that allows users to quickly and easily control and access a range of features.

Unlike cPanel that has $15 every month for its license, SPanel has a free Scala HOsting VPS server. This is great, isn’t it?

What is more, sPanel never eats from your server resources. Scala Hosting has its own equipment for the SPanel to run on. Most importantly, SPanel is light-weight, faster and doesn’t have any software limitations.

Did you know that Nginx’s microcaching feature boosts a website up to 1200% when compared with other web servers? 

What are the features of SPanel? 

Key takeaways

If you are someone who has chosen a reseller plan from cPanel, you will be the most affected one. You will no longer be able to develop 100 or 1000 accounts with a single license key while avoiding the additional cost. On the contrary, this new price hike will force you to pay a monthly subscription fee. So, if you were paying $11 per cPanel license for running one thousand websites, the cPanel price hike will force you to pay $122 in the next year. So, it will be a massive 1000% increase in pricing.

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