Top 6 WHMCS Development Companies to Reduce Your ‘Web Hosting Business’ Pain

Are you in a pain while managing your newly initiated hosting business? If yes, you don’t need to worry anymore as some leading WHMCS development companies are out there to manage your hosting business and all related hassles!

Well, we know it would like to be a severe headache to find such professional WHMCS development companies on your own who can handle your hosting business site like a PRO….! To take away all your pain, headaches, and other hassles, we have come up with a list of the top 6 WHMCS development companies that can be a perfect fit for you.

Before diving deep into the details of such WHMCS development companies, let’s first know the basics about WHMCS, i.e., what is WHMCS and what is preferred nowadays. Let’s have a look:

What is WHMCS and for what it is used?

Here is a very simple comparison that will help you to understand what is WHMCS and why it is preferred in the web hosting world.

Apart from being the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress is preferred as the number one digital blogging platform. In simple words, if you want to run a blog, WordPress is the perfect fit for you.

In the same way, if you want to run your own web hosting business, WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) is the widely accepted and preferred software by web agencies, IT experts, developers, and hosting suppliers.

It is a first-rate platform that automates all stages of managing a web hosting and domain registrar business. In short, if you are a hosting provider, this platform will work for you as a great time saver as it will just automate your recurring tasks and you can easily focus on your core business activities without any worry.

Besides being a flexible platform, it also helps in accommodating your other different business needs. WHMCS also works as a client management solution that facilitates superior support solutions and billing management infrastructure for hosting providers.

Above all, WHMCS is packed with a management interface that is very easy to access and deliver & controlling consumer sign-up, service or server provisioning, management as well as support. In other words, we can say that it is an ideal choice for those agencies, resellers, and developers who wish to boost or streamline their web-based businesses.

Without any further ado, let’s focus on the top 6 WHMCS companies that are revolutionizing the automation in current WHMCS industry:

Top 6 WHMCS Development Companies

While looking for the best WHMCS development company, you must prefer a company that is professional, proficient, excels, and attained a robust reputation for running on WHMCS. Plus, it is fully capable to take away your all hosting business management pains. On this basis, we have compiled a list of the Top 6 WHMCS development companies that are efficient to tackle your hosting business.


Undoubtedly, ModulesGarden is one of the leading WHMCS development companies in the present WHMCS industry. Being established in 2011, it has been delivering superior WHMCS solutions and made a solid image for itself. Usually, it delivers custom WHMCS software solutions to consumers together with a wide range of other services. These services include automation software creation for the web hosting businesses, the transformation of a present eCommerce platform for a better-personalized experience, and enhancement of the potential of CMS-based data as well as pages.

In addition to custom-developed modules, it also offers other professional custom WHMCS services such as WHMCS theme customization, add-ons, WHMCS integration, affiliate programs, and custom development solutions for its customers. Being the oldest WHMCS development company, WHMCS services started its journey in 2013 and was owned by City Techs, and established a separate division for itself.

WHMCS Digital

WHMCS Digital is one of the emerging WHMCS Development companies based in Mohali India, providing WHMCS services, modules, and themes to clients worldwide. Founded with the vision of providing unmatched and powerful WHMCS solutions to help clients manage their web hosting business easily and precisely. It has a great team of expert and certified developers who are always focused on solving problems.

WHMCS Digital is a one-stop destination for all kinds of WHMCS needs. WHMCS Digital provides WHMCS services for WHMCS installation, setup, integration, configuration, custom themes development, custom module development, and add-on module services. WHMCS Digital recently released its latest On-Page Checkout order form template and yet more other interesting products are streamlined.

Apart from WHMCS services WHMCS Digital also provides server management services like Server Setup and Apps configuration, VPS Provisioning and Cloud Server provisioning, Server support SMTP Servers setup, Networking, DNS setup, and Server monitoring, Load balancer, and Automatic Backups Setup.

WHMCS Smarters

‘WHMCS Smarters’ offers every type of customized service to its WHMCS users such as WHMCS installation and configuration, theme customization, creation & integration, and model development (like admin add-ons, payment gateway modules, provisioning, or server modules), and much more.

In addition, WHMCS Smarters has already crafted a wide range of WHMCS modules in tune with diverse accounting solutions.


WHMCS Guru has just kicked off its journey in 2016. Apart from being a new entry in the WHMCS industry, it has been presenting strong dedication towards WHMCS development and gaining a lot of attention from WHMC users by offering them a plethora of WHMCS services and development solutions. These services mainly cover WHMCS add-ons, development and migration services, management, customer support, training & installation, and other upgrade-related services.

That’s why WHMCS Guru’s customer base is expanding day by day, which further enhances Guru’s reputation among other WHMCS development companies available across the WHMCS development industry.


While adding reputed names to this list of top 6 WHMCS development companies how can we forget to list here one more such emerging name, i.e. ‘WHMCS Ninja’. Yes, you read that right! WHMCS Ninja is another emerging name of a company that is also a novice in this field of WHMCS development. Even though it has just started its journey in the year 2016, it is booming at a faster pace due to its add-on module services.

Besides add-on module services, WHMCS Ninja offers a wide array of other services covering everything from WHMCS installation, configuration, integration, upgrade, WHMCS theme customization to custom module development. Being on the right track of progress, there is no doubt that WHMCS Ninja can be a future WHMCS 3rd party giant very soon!


Xieles is another WHMCS development company that is offering solutions for both web host automation as well as billing platforms. After getting established in the year 2009, it has been rapidly growing over time. It delivers various WHMCS services ranging from WHMCS installation to optimization, theme design, consultation, module development, and WHMCS integrations to its consumers.

Furthermore, it also offers an Amazon AWS manager add-on for WHMCS which makes it a more desirable WHMCS development company for intended users.

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With numerous emerging WHMCS development companies in the present WHMCS industry, it is difficult to find out a perfect fit that is both trustworthy and reputed to better serve your web hosting business’ needs. This is where this compiled list of the best 6 WHMCS development companies will help you to make a wise decision while looking for such a company. Now, you can opt for one from the afore-shared list without any worry and easily avail their WHMCS-related services for your web hosting business needs.

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