Why This is the Right Time to Provide Cloud Hosting Services To Your Clients?

Why This is the Right Time to Provide Cloud Hosting Services To Your Clients

Why This is the Right Time to Provide Cloud Hosting Services To Your Clients?

What do you have as a web hosting service provider for your customers? Are you offering the best?

 Let’s checkout!

Usually, people prefer choosing Shared Hosting when they are new in the web industry. With the passing of time, their business grows and so does the traffic. Then, time comes when they start thinking – which hosting do I switch to now?

You might be offering VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting to your customers as the level up which includes features such as enhanced web space, RAM, and CPU performance.

In virtual hosting, multiple users share the resources of one high-performing server and in dedicated hosting the entire server and all its hardware components are accessible by a single user. And the client has to pay a monthly fee for these services.

But, is it worth it? Do they really need dedicated servers? Not every company carries out their projects with predictable resources. Maybe today they need resources equivalent to dedicated servers and then after some time they may have no usage of dedicated server resources.

In this case, cloud web hosting is the best alternative. Are you offering Cloud web hosting services?

Not, yet? It’s high time to start providing cloud hosting services to your clients.

As common these days, medium-sized businesses prefer to rent IT resources from professional hosting services. The cloud allows users to increase resources (RAM, storage, CPU) easily and instantaneously according to the requirement and increase of traffic. Overall, it saves cost as users don’t have to switch for VPS or dedicated hosting when they know that they don’t need resources for a long time.

According to Statista, the Cloud Hosting market is expected to show a revenue growth of 23.4% in 2021. Moreover, it is anticipated that the hosting, storage, and computing market will amount to approximately 162.8 billion U.S. Dollars by 2021(including B2B and B2C revenues).

So, are you planning to offer cloud hosting services to your customers? Still, not convinced?

Have a look at some of the reasons, why you must offer cloud hosting services:

Follow the Trend

Companies across sectors are forced to depend on remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Work from home remotely is the new trend. As result companies are switching to cloud services. Cloud hosting is set to get a boost. This trend will continue in the coming years as most companies already follow cloud-first or cloud-only policies.

Build Customer Trust

Cloud Hosting allows users to easily and instantaneously upgrade resources CPU, RAM, and more, when the traffic of their website increases. They need not to choose fixed-rate hosting plans for their website and the pricing seems more economical for customers. You ultimately build trust by allowing users to pay for the resources they use.

Increase your Conversion Rate

Generating new leads every day? Great! It is important for business growth. But do these leads convert to a sale?

Cloud hosting is the hotcake these days and offering cloud hosting services will increase sales conversion in your business and ultimately will boost your business profits.


With cloud hosting, hardware problems are a non-issue. In case there is any physical server issue then it is easy to allow your customers to run their site from a different virtual server without any downtime.

With some security measures such as blacklisting attacking IPS, automatic backup policy, SSL Certification, embedded DDoS detection, and more, you can ensure your customers that you are offering security services.


Not much web hosting service providers are offering cloud hosting services. There is no big competition in the market yet. So, start selling cloud hosting to your customers. It is a simple step you could take to stand out from the crowd.

Pay-as-you-go service always attracts people and this is the biggest reason people prefer to choose cloud hosting service providers.

Environmentally friendly

You may be clear now that cloud hosting is beneficial for your business. Moving to cloud hosting services isn’t an entirely selfish act. You allow your customers to just use the resources as much as they need and their server capacity scales up and down according to the need and leaves oversized carbon footprints. Therefore, it is a sustainable solution with minimal environmental impact.

It’s not too late to start offering hosting services to your customers. You can start planning today!

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