Best OTP SMS Service Providers in 2022

We’re in the midst of a mobile revolution, and businesses are rushing to retain customers and increase earnings. Cost-effectiveness is achieved in this case by using bulk SMS services. Comparatively, SMS has a 98 per cent open rate. This makes SMS marketing very efficient and effective. It is very difficult for E-commerce companies to determine which bulk SMS provider to utilize to maximize their ROI. Therefore, in this article, you will get to know about what these OTP services. Who the Best OTP SMS Service Providers are in 2022. So if it is something you are eager to know about, make sure you read it through to the end. Let’s first begin with:

All About OTP Services

First off, you need to know what are OTPs? OTP means a One-time password. These are basically the strings of numbers or letters that are randomly generated for use as a login or transaction authentication password.

This type of password is unique and generally has a usage time after which it expires and can no longer be used.

Moreover, an OTP is often regarded as a more viable and secure password than a password established by the user. It offers an extra degree of protection, ensuring that account information is safe.

Therefore, this is what OTP SMS services are. The question that might strike your mind is how these OTPs are generated? Let’s understand this concept:

How are OTPs generated?

Yes, it is also crucial for you to know how these OTPs get generated. OTPs may be created and provided to the user in a few different methods.

Passwords are communicated to users via a physical device, such as a security token device, with hardware tokens.

Passwords are transferred to the user’s portable device, such as their cell phone, via software tokens. This is usually accomplished through the usage of the Short Message Service (SMS).

The OTP and the server exchange secrets in OTP-based authentication schemes. The Hashed Message Authentication Code (HMAC) algorithm generates unique characters.

For further protection, OTP values are also time-stamped; hence it is very clear that this approach is frequently employed for high-risk transactions or logins.

Users can get OTPs in a variety of ways, including text messages, emails, or a specialized mobile application. Therefore, these are some ways how an OTP is generated. Now let’s move on to see the Best OTP SMS Service Providers are in 2022. Here we have compiled a list for you:

2022 Best OTP Service Providers



With its services, MSG91 delivers universal coverage. Transactional and promotional SMS, as well as OTP APIs, are among the services they offer. It comes with a Google Spreadsheet Plugin and an Excel Plugin that makes sending SMS from a spreadsheet a breeze. It offers an SMS Campaign function that allows companies to track data and categorize customers.


  • For 5,000 SMS units, transactional SMS costs 1250 INR + GST.
  • Send OTP SMS 5,000 SMS Units – 1250 INR + GST
  • 1751 INR + GST for 5,000 SMS Units using Transactional Email API
  • 2,000 SMS Units – Outbound Voice Call – 2000 INR + GST


SMSCountry| Best OTP SMS Service Providers in 2022


In the Application 2 Mobile – Short Messaging Service (SMS) domain, SMSCountry is a market leader. We send SMS to over 550 networks in more than 200 countries. Our SMS Gateway was created to work with any current software system, application, or website. With over 600,000 internet users and over 4,000 businesses using our products and services, SMSCountry has been operating for almost ten years.


SMS PACK Transactional Price Per SMS Promotional Price Per SMS
5,000 0.40 INR 0.40 INR
10,000 0.30 INR 0.30 INR
25,000 0.28 INR 0.28 INR
50,000 0.25 INR 0.25 INR
100000 0.22 INR 0.22 INR
5 lak or above 0.20 INR 0.20 INR is a leading OTP SMS service provider that allows you to send and receive two-way SMS messages from any internet-connected device. The BulkSMS gateway connects to over 800 mobile network operators throughout the world, spanning boundaries. offers big and small enterprises, public benefit organizations, and individual application-to-person (A2P) messaging services. Their clients may send brief and crucial SMS text messages swiftly using the platform. SMS API integration, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS marketing, Best OTP SMS Service Providers are in 2022 and more are all possible with their SMS platform.



Textlocal provides a premium, feature-rich SMS messaging service that is unrivalled. Customers may send out cost-effective bulk SMS campaigns to hundreds or thousands of people in seconds. Their SMS solutions allow you to deliver tailored tickets, surveys, and mobile coupons to your customers, allowing you to engage them with more than simply text messages. Their flexible SMS API and connectors make it simple to integrate SMS into your existing communication strategy.


It’s free to sign up for a Textlocal account, and there’s no requirement to spend a certain amount of money or sign up for a monthly subscription; instead, you’ll buy credits in bundles on a pay-as-you-go basis. Textlocal credits are sold in packages ranging from 100 to 10,000. When your credits are running low, Textlocal will send you an alert.


2 Factor

It is well-known for its REST API-based cloud mobile computing. OTP has a 2-6 second average delivery time and charges each delivery. HTTP APIs for sending bulk SMS online, OTP verification, bulk SMS marketing campaigns, transactional SMS, CRM, and shopping cart software are all available from 2Factor.


  • Service for SMS OTP – 0.165 INR per SMS
  • A voice OTP service costs 0.34 INR per SMS
  • Transactional SMS costs 0.16 Indian rupees for each message.
  • 0.13 INR per SMS for promotional SMS



As a result, in 2022, these are the finest OTP service providers. Be sure that the SMS service you choose meets all your requirements before deciding on it. Bulk SMS services that are the best will offer competitive prices, as well as unique features that set them apart from competitors.

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