5 Best Alternatives to cPanel 2021

Undoubtedly, cPanel is one of the leading web hosting control interfaces today. On the other side, it is not always a perfect fit for every scenario. Yes, you read that right! If you are a new user, you will get amazed when you find out that you can’t avail cPanel in free of cost. Having an account-based pricing policy and annual license policy (not monthly or one off buy) makes it costly for resellers, individual users, and smaller companies.  

There is no need to get disappointed as alternatives exist. Let’s have a look at such alternatives. Here we have compiled a list of top best cPanel alternatives that will assist you to make a wise decision in 2021…

Make an Informed Choice between Self-hosted and SaaS cPanel Alternatives:

First off, you need to decide which option from self-hosted and SaaS will work best for you. Usually, self-hosted Control Panel are available in free or demand a lower-cost license. This option works best for those who are more practiced with server management and the software is installed on their server through their preferred VPS hosting provider.  Alternatively, SaaS (software as a service) option is perfect for those who intend to run a particular software like CMS such as WordPress. Perks along with this hosting option include hassle-free installations, simple script based connection between your VPS and hosted server cPanel and easy-to-use platform.

Major Things You Need to Consider While Searching for Best cPanel Alternatives:

  • Control panel should be compatible with your server’s operating system. For example, if you’re using Linux based OS, your cPanel alternative should support for Linux Distributions.
  • Choose a cPanel alternative that facilitates you with most of the functionality and integrations that you require.
  •  Easy-to-use, support and affordable pricing structure.

Now, let’s have a look at our top most picks for you:

1. ApisCP

Being an entirely self-hosted server cPanel, ApisCP is one of the leading cPanel’s competitors. It was made via a hosting company that was not assured by what cPanel was delivering to its consumers. With years of expertise and an extensive array of knowledge, this server control panel has attained superior throughput, less burnt CPU cycles, dense servers, and lesser TTFB.

Furthermore, ApisCP is easy-to-install and also facilitates migrations directly via cPanel. Thus, if you’re presently managing your servers by means of cPanel or using a hosting supplier that forces you to utilize cPanel, ApisCP allows you to simply migrate away and begin self-hosting.

Being packed with Bootstrapper, ApisCP can also be utilized for both installations as well as integrity checks. You just only need to run a stub script which is accessible on GitHub to install it. Moreover, this cPanel offers a great compatibility with Linux distributions too. It provides a 5 year support cycle for Ubuntu systems and 10 year cycle for CentOS as well as RHEL.

ApisCP Pricing Strcuture:
  • 30-day trial for free of cost
  • $30 annually Mini License
  • $50 per year Startup License
  • $20 monthly Pro License

2. Run Cloud

RunCloud is a simple yet robust cloud server control panel backed by SaaS model and centered on PHP based web apps like WordPress. While installing RunCloud, you will first require creating an account and then run an installation script they offer you to get connected with your RunCloud dashboard by means of your server. There will be a need to SSH into your server as root first so as to run this script. But if you have finished the installation process, you can now execute actions like web apps installation, backup’s creations and above all straightforwardly from RunCloud.

RunCloud Pricing Structure:
  • 5-day free trial
Yearly Payment Options with first 2 months free:
  • $6.67 monthly basic license
  • $12.5 monthly pro license
  • $37.5 monthly business license
Monthly Payment Options:
  • $8 monthly basic license
  • $15 monthly pro license
  • $45 monthly business license

3. Spanel

Being a Scalahosting’s proprietary key, Spanel is the leading feature-rich and powerful hosting and VPS control panel. If you’re a beginner, it will facilitate you to control all the basic things such as setting up websites, DNS management, altering your PHP version, etc. Moreover, it allows you to set up Let’s Encrypt SSL automatically which is always practical. It utilizes the RainLoop webmail client for emailing purposes.

The main benefits of using Spanel include the followings:

  • Completely free and doesn’t use up server resources
  • Unique, robust tools and a great option for resellers and agencies
  • Fully-compatible with cPanel (best option for already existing cPanel users)
  • Unlimited free migrations
  • Great compatibility with the most demanding web servers, like Nginx and Apache.
SPanel Pricing Structure:
  • Totally free web-hosting control panel
  • No pricey add-ons
  • No hidden charges for resellers
  • No paid support, totally free-to-use, although you choose to resell multiple hosting plans.

4. Cloudways

Cloudways is another topmost cPanel alternative in 2021. Being a managed cloud hosting platform, it allows users to install numerous PHP web applications by means of an intuitive dashboard. Some of the popular cloud names globally, such as Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr are partnered with Cloudways.

Key Highlights of Cloudways:
  • It allows you to clone or scale your servers easily.
  • With Cloudways, you can avail SSH and SFTP access.
  • It allows you to acquire auto-healing managed cloud servers.
  • Cloudways supports built-in advanced caches to enhance the overall performance and speed of the site.
  • You can utilize it to test applications with exclusive staging features before deploying them live.
  • It lets you install all the key PHP apps with great ease.

5. Plesk

After cPanel, Plesk is considered the biggest web panel out there. Though, it comes with a cost that will upset most people away. But, the major benefit of Plesk is that it can be utilized on both Windows and Linux servers. However, Plesk also has a scaling price structure that makes it a perfect option for large business environments, at the same time, making it too expensive for the daily user.

Being a web hosting application, it lets administrators to create new email-accounts, reseller accounts and sites by means of web-based interface.

Main Features of Plesk:
  • Plesk is backed by a centralized control panel that allows you to set up and manage multiple websites.
  • It facilitates a resourceful and secure toolkit for WordPress.
  • Plesk offers powerful server security and site across applications, operating systems, and networks.
  • It is compatible across all platforms.
  • It facilitates you with complete root access by means of Secure Shell (SSH) on a Virtual Private Server (referred to as VPS).
  • It is easy to expand Plesk with more than hundreds of extensions.  
Wrapping Up – Wisely Choose the Best cPanel Alternative for You

These afore-mentioned picks conclude the top best cPanel Alternatives in the present market of 2021. We have compiled this list with the best free as well as paid options available out there with their advantages. Now, you are ready to get out there and wisely opt for the right cPanel solution for yourself or your business as per your needs.

So, are you ready? Let’s go…!

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  • May 7, 2021 at 8:52 am

    And where’s DirectAdmin ? It’s main competitor to cPanel I think , and most people after cPanel price change moving to this panel.

    • May 10, 2021 at 7:48 am

      Thank you for the suggestion.
      We will be adding DirectAdmin to our list soon.

      Team Thetechfit


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