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Do you know LinkedIn has 660+ million users that are spread over 200 countries, as of late November 2019 and they represent 30 million companies?

When it comes to the most powerful social network platform, Linkedin enjoys a well-deserved reputation. Many online merchants and professionals are not taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer.

Gone are the days when it was only used for reconnecting with a co-worker in the last organization or an old school/college friend. Today, this is a platform that helps in lead generation, market research, and global networking.

If you understand the advanced features of 10 Key Ways linkedin powers your business, it can help you unlock its potential to the greatest extent possible.

This post will help you expand your business reach, equip you with the best tools, and help you get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

1.  LinkedIn Website Demographics

Some marketers rely on guesswork and assumptions. They don’t want to put the hard work into analyzing their business. But that is wrong.

Today you can become more sophisticated and purposeful. Analyzing your business is very important.

Business analysis is all about understanding how your business functions to fulfill customer requirements. It entails making a detailed plan to help reach goals and objectives.

You may not have known about the fact but Linkedin offers a tool called Website Demographics. With the help of this amazing tool, you can know about the audience that visited your site.

After adding an insight tag to your website, you can collect data around the professional attributes of your visitors. These attributes include job title, seniority, function, company, industry, location, etc. With all the aforementioned information collected, you can set targeting parameters for future campaigns.

This LinkedIn Analytics tracks what interests the audience, what drove the most action, and what flopped.

The dashboard tells you how people find your page and what sections they engage with. Keep track of the page views and see how much traction it’s getting.

Compare your page with competitors and know where it ranks.

For insights, you can connect your page to Hootsuite Analytics and you will be able to get a bigger picture of LinkedIn marketing efforts.

2.  Post on LinkedIn Pulse

Your company may have a decent professional website. The site touts your services, provides contact information, about us, and houses a blog where you post useful updates aimed at prospects and clients.

But you are still unable to get too many views or comments on your blogs. Well, only the original and right content builds a huge following and sees engagement.

LinkedIn’s Pulse is one of the simplest yet powerful ways to grab the attention of your audiences.

You as a business owner can display your expertise while seamlessly sharing with followers and bringing prospects to the profiles.

When you post on Linkedin Pulse:

  • Your post will be read
  • Expand your reach
  • You bring leads to your doorstep

3.  Endorsement by your acquaintances

When you use LinkedIn to drive traffic this feature is very useful. Ask your acquaintances to recommend and endorse you and your business.

Once that is done, it will enable you to attract potential customers and impress the audience. Well, this adds a tag so that your profile is easily found in search engines as well as LinkedIn searches.

The endorsement is a unique feature that plays a crucial role in building your Linkedin company profile so make the most of it.

Later on, you can remove any endorsement that you don’t want, add new skills you wish to endorse, and manage the endorsement you have received on particular skills or expertise.

4.  Create engaging videos

Video is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways of promoting your brand. You can add a versatile and engaging content format that portrays a real-life scenario of what is going on. The audience love videos as they are easy to digest.

Ever since LinkedIn introduced video to its tools, it has been observed that the video content is shared 20x more than other content types. Video is a powerful marketing strategy that it’s not likely to be going anywhere soon.

Video is not always about fun, it is the most interesting way to get up close to your audience and give them a real glimpse of what your products and services are all about. The key is to think creatively beyond profit.

You can make:

  • How-to videos?
  • Complete guide on working on the product or service.
  • The latest upgrade in the marketer
  • Share information about interesting events.

The more the audience knows about your positive practices, the more likely they will stick around.

5.  LinkedIn Ads & Campaigns

LinkedIn Ads are quite similar to Facebook Ads but the best thing is, all professionals can be targeted in your ad.

If you are offering exceptional products and services, this is a great way to reach your potential customers easily and with laser precision.

Besides this, Linkedin ads can also connect you with influences or other experts in your industry. You can build valuable relationships with them and if they like what you are doing, there are chances that they might share your content with their network. This is going to give your business an unexpected boost and exposure to audiences.

6.  LinkedIn Live

The one thing that is even more engaging than a video is LinkedIn live. Whenever there is a live broadcast, it depicts 24x times the engagement that a pre-taped video does.

You can go live on different occasions. Look for more and more ways ranging from fireside chats to interviews and webinars. Virtual events live is something that the aud

ience loves as it has an instant connection with the audience.

Before hosting on Linkedln live, don’t forget to promote and share it on other platforms besides 10 Key Ways linkedin powers your business. Go ahead and spread the word across all your audience touchpoints.

Tip: Don’t forget to keep responding to comments and questions during Linkedin’s live.

7.  Launch a Showcase Page

Looking forward to targeting a community?

Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page to let people know about your initiative and then engage in the target community. This was a lesser-known fact but these pages LinkedIn members another way to follow you, even if they don’t follow your page.

Source: LinkedIn

8.   Start a new group

As a business owner, it is time to build credibility so that people recognize you as a reputable professional.

The next thing you can do is to start a group that revolves around a particular interest.

If you are able to connect with the audience with a general topic that engages people, you are ahead and stir a discussion while ensuring that everyone knows about your business.

9.  Eye-Catching Formats & Visuals

Never repeatedly keep posting plain text in the Linkedin post. That becomes absolutely boring. You should embed rich media like video and infographics so that it takes your page from static to dynamic. This tactic will certainly help you stand out.

You can also go for Microsoft Word document PDFs and PowerPoints.You can take instances from Netflix and HubSpot as they share their cultural stories.

Want to fuel your feed with fresh content? The simplest way is to repurpose infographics, blog posts, and videos. You must keep resharing your top-performing content so anyone who missed it earlier will get another shot at seeing it.

10.  Take Advantage of Hashtags

You know that hashtags help people find different topics as per their interests. Hashtags are searchable and members can click on hashtag links to find similar posts. What makes the content more prominent are hashtags as they allow members to discover and join relevant conversations.

Also mention people with the help of ‘@’ so that your post gains exposure.

Tip: Never forget to post a Linkedin content or customized feed without featuring hashtags.

Bring Prospects to Your Doorstep with Linkedin

LinkedIn is a prestigious marketing channel that will do wonders for you if you take it seriously and put in the effort as it is a network “for the masses”. If you look forward to potential leads and boost traffic, you should incorporate 10 Key Ways linkedin powers your business into your broader social media marketing strategy. Keep a track of LinkedIn news & updates. The aforementioned are just a few tips to make the most of your exposure on Linkedin that provides a wealth of opportunities for businesses to network. You will be surprised when it will find many customers using this powerful platform.

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